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My main objective is Optimal Health.  With time and experience I have learned you must take care of your Physical, Mental, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual Health collectively in order to live optimally.  At 8 years old I found competitive swimming. This sport quickly became my focus for the next 19 years. By the time I was 23, I had mastered my craft and became a top 22 World Ranked swimmer representing Team USA at the height of my career.  Post swimming, I realized my aptitude and love for holistic health modalities. I sought out Nationally recognized Bodyworkers and Trainers to learn from. My commitment is to offer the highest quality, most effective and efficient techniques available to support  the holistic health of both the people I work with and myself.


Empowering you with tools to create personal transformation in your life  is very important to me. I offer customized training for each individual depending on your specific needs, goals and preferences. 


My strength lies in my ability to assess your lifestyle and help identify where you could benefit from a shift. Together we integrate the change in a simple and easy way that will support its longevity.  With time, focus and a growth mindset I have acquired a broad array of the best tools out there to assist you in reaching your optimum health.



 Integrating Bodywork into your life is key to create positive change.  Your body is a highly intelligent vessel with an interconnected system that must be well managed in order to experience your highest potential.  The average modern lifestyle does not suit the body’s well being. Stress, trauma, poor movement patterns, over-trained muscles, injury, and stagnant energy stored in the body’s tissues can lock in physical discomfort and pain, limiting behavior and thought patterns, affecting your mood and nervous system as well. For optimal performance, tissues need to be pliable, hydrated and flexible.  Muscle groups need to be balanced with an equal ratio of strength to flexibility. Energy meridians need to be open, allowing the natural flow to support the various systems and organs of the body.

 After a full body assessment, I choose from a variety of techniques within two lineages of bodywork

I have been trained in: Ki-Hara and Traditional Thai Bodywork. I utilize the following techniques:

Mashing, Resistance Stretching, Thai BodyworkTok Sen, Thai Skin & Connective Tissue Rolling,

Gua Sha, Cupping, Dry Brushing, Detoxifying Body Scrub

Click each technique to learn more.


 I realized my innate healing abilities from my own desire to feel whole.  Everyone has healing to work thru, for very different reasons, with varying degrees of intensity and depth.  Whether you are dealing with addiction, disease, physical illness, emotional trauma or limiting beliefs, I do believe in the body’s incredible ability to heal. I utilize a variety of detox protocols working with plants, herbs, minerals, vitamins, energy work, journaling, focusing, subconscious reprogramming and visualizations.  My intention is to guide you through your own healing experience where you will gain access to a more connected and healthy state of being.


Nutrition is a vital component to one's health. Unfortunately, most people are undernourished and overfed. My focus is on implementing more nutritionally dense, unprocessed, local when possible, plant foods into your diet without over complicating your life. Nutritional counseling is something I’m wildly passionate about, as what you consume directly impacts the way you feel and function day to day.  Along with nutritional counseling I am available to teach you simple techniques for your own at-home plant based cooking with minimal to zero waste.



The average American throws out 1300 pounds of trash per year.  Our oceans are filled with plastic. We are at a crucial time in history if we want to save our planet. I have put in the time, effort and research to figure out how to lead a lifestyle with little ending up in a landfill.  I would love to help you make simple changes to limit your trash that will result in a profoundly more efficient, sustainable and happier way of living.



Functional Training, Core Training & Pilates

Physical Strength is vital to human health. There are many ways to build strength within the body but I always start from the center and work my way out. I use various techniques such as diaphragmatic breathwork, TVA activation, hypopressive breathing, pelvic floor exercises and pilates to strengthen and stabilize one's center first. From there, I focus on building functional strength around alignment and posture. 


Growing up in in the Lakes of Minnesota,  the aquatic world is fundamentally a part of my core. Swimming offers an abundant number of health benefits both physically and mentally.  It is a highly technical, full body, low impact, lung expanding sport, and with proper instruction it can be a great addition to your workout routine. I teach little ones (ages 3+), water therapy/rehab, aquatic strength training, triathletes, cross training for athletes and everyone in between.


 Taking care of one's mind and internal peace within the overstimulated society we live in is extremely important. Most people experience some type of stress or anxiety in life. I utilize techniques varying from meditations, visualizations, EFT Tapping and breathwork that you can easily add into your daily routine that will exponentially improve your happiness and overall sense of ease in life.

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Laird Hamilton

Big Wave Surfer

Elle's ability to understand fascial structure and to feel what is happening in the body enables her to execute a treatment that gives me real healing and results.  This allows me maximum relief and athletic performance.  Not to mention her own experience as a high level athlete creates an intuitive understanding that she brings to her work.

Elle Weberg

Los Angeles, CA & Available Worldwide  |  Tel: 952-201-5907

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